International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA) is the leading not-for-profit trade organization for live entertainment industry professionals. Founded in 1970, IEBA provides unparalleled networking opportunities and continuing education to its Members to strengthen relationships, foster growth and increase revenue for the live entertainment industry. Representing billions of dollars in buying power, IEBA is an intimate organization that makes a huge impact.

IEBA and its Annual Conference stand alone in the entertainment industry by showcasing a diverse and uniquely-crafted lineup of live entertainment and by providing top-tier informative sessions with the entertainment business’s leading decision makers. Beyond the showcases and agency-sponsored parties, attendees have the opportunity to sit down with IEBA’s distinguished Board of Directors and other industry experts to discuss the latest trends and hot topics in live entertainment. IEBA’s Agents Alley gives entertainment buyers and sellers time together to discuss the specifics of the upcoming touring season. “The Buying Starts Here” slogan originated from this longstanding IEBA tradition.

IEBA was conceived by two talent buyers, Hubert Long and Harry “Hap” Peebles. Peebles and Long felt that talent buyers needed a voice in the entertainment industry. They believed that a group of buyers could share information and, with this shared knowledge, each could make better decisions and those informed business decisions would lead to increased success.  From two founding members in 1970 to over 1,600 active members in 2020, IEBA’s focus remains the same:

Networking, Information, Live Music.