Paramour Group

The Paramour Group is a boutique international agency and management company representing recording artists from around the world along with some of the most successful tributes in the world.

Proudly representing some of the best artists in the world for the last 47 years. Our artist roster ranges from legendary artists from the 70's to present day emerging artists.

Partial 2021-2022 Upcoming Tours: Killer Queen Featuring Patrick Myers, They Buddy Holly/Bobby Vee Story Featuring Robby Vee and Gavin Rosseau, Diamond Head, Marco Mendoza, The Doors Alive, The Jorgensens, Dwight Twilley, Ross The Boss, Uli Jon Roth, Elvis Alive 85.

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A message to IEBA from Paramour Group:

Killer Queen
Killer Queen is the most successful QUEEN tribute in the world selling out the same arenas that QUEEN has with the same promoters. Current Pollstar Box Office #s are 38 shows averaging 1,464 people with a gross of $53,769. They ended their 2019 summer tour doing 8,030 people with a $368,000 gross at Red Rocks in Denver.

Dean Swett

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Wicked Cool Records

We are very proud to be representing several of Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Wicked Cool Records artists, all with new releases.

Jessie Wanger supporting “Shoes Droppin”

Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts supporting “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere".

Soraia supporting “Dig Your Roots"

Wyldlife supporting “Year of the Snake”

Dean Swett

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Dark Star Records

We are very proud to be representing several Dark Star Records artists and their new releases.

Aeraco supporting “Baptized By Fire”

Conquest supporting “The World Has Gone To Hell”

Elliot Waits For No One supporting “Elliott Waits for No One”

DiAmorte supporting “The Red Opera”

Fierce Heart supporting “War For The World”

Trip 6 supporting “Push Back”

Dean Swett

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Paramour Group Management

Danny Johnson considered one of the best guitarists in the world, former guitarist for Alice Cooper, Alcatrazz (replaced Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai) DERRINGER, Rod Stewart and Steppenwolf

Dwight Twilley The father of Power Pop most known for his 1976 hit “I’m On Fire, and his 1980’s duet with Tom Petty and MTV staple, “Girls”

The Jorgensens sporting their own brand of Americana Soul supporting their new single, their remake of Billy Squire’s “In The Dark”

Life During War Time LDW is an eclectic band with a love of Talking Heads. They play Talking Heads and Original Funk and Dance music inspired by The Stop Making Sense period. Supporting their new “Fat Man” single

Jacqueline Mannering “UK shred guitarist and Youtube sensation supporting her newest single “Crazy For You”

Miss Crazy “Miss Crazy‘s sound is a collection of the best rock bands of the 80’s, part Def Leppard, part AC/DC, part Cinderella, part Ratt, all of what real rock fans loved about the music that ruled the airwaves over two decades ago.” supporting their "Make America Crazy Again" release

Robby Vee “Two Time Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductee and son of the legendary Bobby Vee”

Dean Swett

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Tribute Artists

American English has reigned as one of America’s Top 4 Beatle’s Tributes for overt 20 Years Sam Leach, the original Beatles promoter and author of several books on his history with The Beatles, endorsed American English in 2000, after seeing them at a theater, stating “Lightning has struck twice”.

Elvis Alive 85 Heavy Metal Hall of Fame Inductee, Steve Unger, bassist for Metal Church has recreated his own version of Elvis, based on the question, What if Elvis was still Alive in 1985, what would he be like, now we have a chance to find out.

Doors Alive Europe’s #1 Doors Tribute making their first trip to the US

Domination The #1 Pantera tribute in the country

Imposters In Effect An incredible 3 hour party by the #1 Beastie Boys tribute in the world

Satisfaction The International Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Steeling Dan An incredible recreation of the music of Steely Dan

Dean Swett

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Upcoming 2021 Tours

Budderside Signed by Lemmy to his Motorhead Music label they made their debut with their critically acclaimed “Genocide” release.

Diamond Head Legendary New Wave of British Heavy Metal artist will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary release of “Lighting To The Nations” one of Rolling Stones “Top Metal Albums of All Time”

Kaos Bender and the Traveling Trailing Park supporting their new “The Manifesto”, the first release from KB. It is an EP with 5 awesome tracks that showcase the diversity and straight up balls out Rock N Roll sound of this brand new quintet!!

Kickin Valentina known for their straight ahead no holds bared RNR, upfront and in your face.

Marco Mendoza bassist/vocalist for Black Star Riders, Dead Daisies, Thin Lizzy Ted Nugent, and White Snake supporting his “Viva La Rock” release.

Neil Turbin Original Anthrax vocalist doing Anthrax’s “Fist Full of Metal” in its entirety plus more

Ross The Boss Legendary founder of the Dictators and Manowar, one of Metals most respected guitarist out supporting his new “Born of Fire” release

Trauma Legendary Bay area Metal band back with their recent release, “As The World Dies”

Dean Swett

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