Virtual Conference FAQ



How do I view the conference stream?

If you’re in the app, use the “Watch” button on the homescreen. If you’re on a PC, head to – our main conference page.


Do I need to log in to my IEBA account to view the conference?





Do I need to pre-register for the Zoom breakouts?

No. Links to the Zoom breakouts will be provided on the main conference page.


How do I log in to the Zoom breakouts?

Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device, and then simply use the links provided. There will not be a password to enter.




When will replays of conference content become available?

At the end of each day of the conference.


How do I view replays of the conference sessions?

For those who are unable to watch the live stream of conference content, on-demand viewing will be made available at the end of each day. On the main conference page, simply click the “Content Gallery” button to view a library of session replays.




How do I view Agents Alley?

If you’re in the app, the Agents Alley button on the home screen will begin working at 12PM Central on Tuesday, October 13th. You may also get to Agents Alley from our main conference page ( by clicking the “Agents Alley” button, which will appear underneath the video stream at that time.


How long will Agents Alley pages remain active?

At least into 2021.