BTE, Inc.

BTE, Inc. (Bigg Time Entertainment, Inc.)

A licensed and bonded boutique sized talent agency based in California. BTE specializes in classic rock of the 80’s and early 90’s representing more than a dozen multiplatinum selling internationally known Artists.

Sullivan D. Bigg (Owner / President)
818 817-7540 / [email protected]

Christopher Linsenmeyer
818 817-7540 / [email protected]

Alex Grossi
818 817-7540 / [email protected]
Vince Neil- legendary singer of Mötley Crüe. Vince’s solo show features all the Mötley Crüe hits. “Wild Side”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Girls Girls Girls” & More!

Over 30 Million Records Sold World Wide. Performing All the Hits…“Jet City Woman”, “Silent Lucidity”, “Eyes of a Stranger”, “Empire” & more

A multiplatinum selling, internationally known, legendary classic rock act. 10 Million Records Sold. Playing all the hits! “Once Bitten Twice Shy”, “Rock Me”, “Save All Your Love”, “Call It Rock N Roll” and many more!

One of the quintessential rock acts of the 80’s rock genre. “Up All Night”, “Fly to the Angels”, “Days Gone By”, “Wild Life” and many more. American Music Award Winner.

Over 10 Million Records Sold. Most Successful Christian Rock Act Ever. Performing All the Hits… “Calling On You”, “Free” “Honestly”, “Always There for You” & More!


Multiplatinum selling late 90’s / early 00’s rock. Billboard Music Award Modern Rock Song of the year “My Own Worst Enemy” as well as “Miserable”, “Zip Lock”, “Fast” and more!!! Over 154 Million Spotify Streams.